Monday, December 12, 2011


I remember when I turned 21.  I'm sure I posted something obnoxious on Facebook to commemorate it.  I remember going to TGI Fridays with a bunch of Kappas at midnight and ordering my first drink.  Because my birthday fell on a Saturday, I was able to do this midnight drink ordering on a Friday.  How perfect was that?  Then, I proceeded to sleep in and lay around all day.  It was lovely.

Now, my little sister is turning 21.  Tomorrow.  I can't believe it!  Mat and I are taking her and a friend to Vegas this weekend.  Thanks to Auntie Kristin for helping cover the hotel and Cirque du Soleil tickets!  When I promised Amanda 2 years ago that we would go to Vegas when she turned 21, I didn't exactly anticipate being in 2 weddings and getting married myself!

This is our last week before winter break, and naturally we're ending the 2011 part of the school year with a bang.  I have to have my entire room packed up in labeled boxes so the movers can move it all to the new building.  This is a good thing because I'll finally have that SmartBoard we've been hearing about for a year and a half, but it's a bad thing because, oh I don't know, I'M STILL TEACHING this week!!  To make it better, our whiteboards are going to be taken down and propped against the wall.  *sigh*

I think I'm going to just bite the bullet and stay late either tomorrow night or Thursday night to finish packing.  And I'll probably go to school during the last week of break to set up.  At least we get paid for up to 6 hours of moving time.  It's a lovely perk.

I can't wait to SLEEP IN and watch Christmas movies and bake Christmas cookies and do all those Christmas things!!

Wedding countdown: 199  :-D

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