Monday, January 30, 2012

2nd Semester

Tomorrow is officially the first day of 2nd semester.  Today was a student-free day, so despite having to sit for a very long time during meetings, it was a much less tiring day than usual.

I'm excited to start the 2nd semester.  It always seems to go a lot faster than the 1st because there are more little holidays plus all the testing that breaks up the weeks.

My Saturdays in February are already booked, starting with the Surf City Half Marathon this weekend.  I think my knee is going to be ok for it.  I ran 10 miles on Saturday and it only started hurting at the end, and I've continued my strengthen/stretch routine.  This morning's 5 mile run was good too.  Tomorrow will be a walk or two, then Wednesday and Thursday will be either both 3.5 milers or a 3.5 and a 5 depending on how I feel.  It might be wiser to do both 3.5, just so I don't aggravate my knee again.  You're supposed to taper down for a race, but since I've already done this distance a couple times and have in fact exceeded it once, and since it's not my first race, I'm not as worried about it. I have no doubt I can complete it with no issue as long as my knee doesn't act up.

Once this race is over it's time to really buckle down on the marathon training!  That one is just under 2 months before my wedding, so hopefully it will put me into amazing shape and then I'll be able to keep it up!  Hmm, probably shouldn't alter my dress too much before then.  At first I was thinking I could because I really shouldn't shrink anymore, but then again who knows what full marathon training + the last few months of wedding planning will do to my body.

Oh yes, initial meeting with the florist is done!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Apparently on Hiatus?

Moving has definitely impacted my writing here.  There were several factors: being incredibly busy (obviously) and then not having internet access for about 2 weeks.  That put me out of the habit, so even though internet has been up and running for about a week now, I sort of forgot.  I know, I know, shame on me.

Current news: this week is finals week.  It's AWESOME.

I did both federal and state tax returns tonight.  So did Mat.  We're going to get nearly $6000 back between the two of us.  This is going to help us ENORMOUSLY.  God is good!!!

I seem to have developed IT Band Syndrome from running.  Today was my third day off.  Tomorrow I'm planning for 3.5 miles.  I'll probably rest for a couple more days, then try 5-6 on Saturday, then do a bit next week.  The Surf City Half Marathon is coming up and I really want to be able to run the whole thing without pain.  So, as much as I hate taking time off, I know that if I don't I'll make my knee worse and that would be very bad.  Thankfully taking time off shouldn't seriously affect my stamina for 13 miles.

Wedding plans are coming along: alterations appointment for my bridesmaid dress for Mindy's wedding, my own wedding dress, and my sister's maid of honor dress on March 10th, appointment with the florist this Sunday, and 2 back to back cake tasting appointments on February 25th.  We met with our pastor about a week and a half ago and have another meeting with him February 18th.  It's super busy but amazing at the same time!

Time to think about bed now.  Good night!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Car Battery

Today my car battery finally died.  I had left the flashers on for probably an hour because we were parked in a red zone while unloading stuff, and I think that's what took up the last of the battery juice.  When I tried to start the car, it did nothing.  Not one sound except a faint humming.

Thank God for AAA.  They are truly a lifesaver.  They came within half an hour, determined that my battery did indeed need to be replaced, determined that the alternator was good, and jumped the car.  Since it started easily with the jump, it wasn't the starter, so I was very happy.  A battery is not free (boo) but at least it's an easy fix.  I had called ahead to the place we take our cars to see if they had the correct battery in stock, and they did, so after the jump I took it straight there and was able to wait for it for only an hour or so while they fixed it.  $137 later I was back in business.  Then I put gas in it.  By 3 pm today my car was a happy camper.

I was basically waiting for the battery to die.  It was still the original battery and was 4.5 years old.  I've been nervous about my car not starting in the morning on the way to work for a while now.  In the end, I was glad it happened today when I had time to deal with it.  I wasn't thrilled with shelling out money, but that's why I have savings: buffer money for the unexpected like this.  Having just signed a lease and needing to buy lots of stuff makes it especially bad timing.

But oh well.  $137 isn't very much to spend on a car repair so I can't really complain.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Too Much Stuff!

I have way too much stuff.  I also have been accumulating way too much stuff.  The kind of stuff that one does not accumulate until one moves out on one's own: sheets, towels, salad spinner, tea kettle, iron, KitchenAid mixer, etc etc etc.

I loaded up my car this afternoon with all of the boxes from Christmas as well as any other accumulated things.  I have a few more bags to put in tomorrow morning.  (I didn't do it this afternoon because there were a few things I didn't want sitting in the sun all afternoon, and then tonight I forgot).

Tomorrow morning after my run and a trip to the dentist we're going to officially sign our lease and get our keys!  All we're moving in is the stuff from my car that we don't use yet.  Then bright and early Thursday morning Mat and his dad will take the mattress, TV, blu-ray player, and anything else that can fit in his dad's truck.  Mat will then come back with his dad and we'll load up another of our cars with more stuff like clothes and necessities.  Amanda wants to see it so she's going to load her car too.  Then, it's off to run tons of errands and come back home for a probable pizza or similar type of food dinner with Mat's Uncle Rick who will be in town for his sister's wedding this weekend.

Friday is me taking a few more things to the apartment and then working in my new classroom for a few hours.  Amanda helped me set it up yesterday but I need to do a little more to be ready for Monday.  Friday evening begins Nicole's wedding things.  Saturday morning is a 14.5 mile run, part of which is along Newport's Back Bay.  :)

Now that we're at 5 months and change until our wedding, and I'm moving, I'm starting to feel the pressure.  But it's good pressure - pressure I think I've been wanting to feel because up until now, while I've definitely been DOING things for our wedding and otherwise, I haven't felt like I've really been moving forward.  Moving is a definite step in the moving forward.  :-D

Things are starting to happen!!!