Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break!

It has finally arrived!  The only downside is that it's one week long and will go by way too fast.  I'm trying very hard to really enjoy every minute of it.  The last couple of months of the school year will require a deep breath and an "ok, let's do this!" kind of attitude so I need to recharge now.

Last week was pretty darn stressful, and it appears to be affecting my body.  Without providing too many details, let's just say I started taking a certain prescription precisely because stress affected a certain thing in my body, and now apparently the stress is taking over anyway.  It's aggravating.  I know nothing is wrong in any way, shape, or form, but it still bugs the crap out of me.  And naturally, sitting and obsessing about it does not help at all.

I believe tomorrow is going to be a picnic day.  A picnic at the park in the same spot where Mat proposed.  Since I wasn't able to eat that original picnic due to the intense emotion wracking my body, tomorrow is the "make-up picnic."  It's rather convenient since tomorrow marks exactly 2 months since the proposal.  :)  It will be a lovely day -  nothing else is planned aside from my usual morning workout.  And possible baking cookies for the picnic.  I'm quite excited.

In other news, two Century High School students were shot in a gang related drive by right after school on Friday.  Their injuries are not life-threatening, thank goodness, but it's still very sad and scary.

And, my mom appears to have sprained her ankle.  Pretty randomly too.  She sort of twisted it last Wednesday when she lost her balance walking back and forth to the car along a curb at work, but it didn't start hurting until yesterday.  She's waiting on the x-ray results to rule out a fracture.

I went to ballet again tonight and actually did pretty well.  My inside pirouettes have gotten a little lousy, but I just remind myself that if I were to go consistently again I'd get them back.  Because I know I would.  I just have no desire yet to go consistently.

However, I did MUCH better at not comparing myself to people.  Maybe I actually was a little thinner today than last time, or my legs were more toned, or I really did have a better mindset, or maybe all of the above, but either way I did much better.  I'm proud.  :)

Counting down to summer...

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