Tuesday, March 20, 2012

100 days

Tomorrow our countdown hits 100 days.  You know how long I've been waiting for this?  Well, the day Mat proposed until our wedding day is a total of 510, so 410?  I know that after 100 days, the countdown will go incredibly fast.  I.  Can't. Wait!!!

In other news, March 15th came and went last week.  This means that my job is safe.  I may not be at Century next year, depending on special funding, but we shall see.  I'm sending in my paperwork tomorrow to add dance to my credential, and assuming that all pans out I might be teaching some dance next year.  Again, we shall see.  Everything is up in the air right now.

However, I thank God that I am still employed.  I have to force myself to remember this every day when I'm cranky and tired.  This is a tough time in the school year.  Spring break is just around the corner and the kids know it, so they're getting VERY squirrely.  Which makes it VERY difficult to cram in the last chapters before CSTs.

Spring break is the first week of April.  I'm very excited.  I'll be kicking it off with Mindy's bachelorette party.  I'll be ending it with Mindy's bridal shower and Easter.  Later in April is my first shower thrown by my mother-in-law to-be.  (I finally get to have a bridal shower!!!!!)  The week after that is Mindy's wedding.  It's a  jam-packed April!

May is pretty crazy too, but we aren't there yet fortunately (or unfortunately?)

I'm taking a BTSA day this Thursday, which means I get to sit at home and get Module C finished.  It will be glorious.

100 days!! Eeeeeek!!!!!!!  :-D

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  1. We hit 100 days last week and it DEFINITELY feels different! Coincidentally, I'm taking a work day tomorrow too! haha And, contrary to what many of my co-workers want to think, I'll be planning for SCHOOL, not for the wedding. lol

    I hope your day tomorrow is productive! Good luck on getting your dance classes! And congratulations on <100 days!!