Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back to Ballet

Tonight I went back to ballet.  I didn't go to my usual studio - that's too much of a pain and a long drive right now.  I instead went to Maple Conservatory, a studio that's literally RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER from the apartment.  It's more expensive than Lois, but I'm only planning to go once a weekish so the money will go pretty far.

It was so nice to dance again, even though I can't get my leg as high right now.  It felt weird to be back in class, because I hadn't gone for about 2 months and had been going very irregularly before that, but I was pleased to see that I still had it.  :)  Rusty, but still had it.

I really want to put ballet back into my life again, even if it's just one class a week.  I think I'm finally at the point where I can do that and love it again and not get caught up in the politics of it.  That's another nice thing about going to a new place - no one knows you and you can start fresh.  (However, I did see and talk to a girl I knew from when I went to Anaheim Ballet several years ago - the ballet world is so tiny!)

Tomorrow is Friday.  Thank goodness!!


  1. I bought dresses, too! :) I saved $75 because I didn't need any alterations on my dress, so I went to Ross and spent it there instead! I'm super excited. I got two dresses for my showers/rehearsal and stuff, and then I got one dress for Jamaica and cute little bathing suit cover up for Jamaica too.

  2. Sorry! Wrong post... Not sure why that ended up here...