Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Only Finals are Left!

Today was the last official day of classes.  I AM ECSTATIC.  I have actual energy from somewhere and for the very first time, after the work day was over, could actually see my freedom.

Tomorrow is finals for periods 1 and 2, Thursday is 3 and 4 but 3 is my prep, and Friday is 5 and 6.  I told my 5th period kids to be nice to me on Friday morning because I'll be tired from having chaperoned grad nite, so we'll see if that happens (doubtful-I'm sure they'll be the most difficult they've ever been because that would just be FATE on the last day I'll ever have all of them in my classroom at one time).

Friday night, oh Friday night...I cannot wait.

Monday's work day will be quite easy.  I have a feeling I don't have to get there so early, and I'm hoping that I'll get to leave early because I will have done grad nite.  *fingers crossed*

Less than a week.  *le sigh*

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