Thursday, October 13, 2011


Tomorrow I'll be 26.

It's funny how as you get older, birthdays sort of just sneak up on you.  The way that I CANNOT WAIT for my wedding to get here is how birthdays are for a child.  Now?  I honestly would forget now and then throughout the day today that tomorrow was my birthday.

I hope it's a good day.  The work day isn't thrilling, and I can't wait for when I can take my birthday off.  :)  Tomorrow night I decided to go to the Homecoming game, so hopefully that will be good.  Really, I just want to spend the day with Mat, but since that's impossible while at work, going to the game will let me do that.  Bring some Chipotle in for dinner, get some ice cream or whatever...hopefully I have a good day.

I also can't wait for this time next year.  One year from this moment I'll be at my big sis Kelly's wedding (which will be a Saturday next year because of leap year) and the next day, Sunday, will be my birthday.  Next year, indeed, will be a lovely year.

This year?  Just trying to keep plugging on and get through the school year.

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