Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthday Highlights and Other Stuff

My mom made puff pastry stuff for breakfast.  One had nutella and the other had peanut butter and chocolate.  YUM.

I went to Starbucks and got a free venti java chip frappuccino light with only 2 pumps of mocha and light whipped cream.  On your birthday you get to have whipped cream and other bad stuff.  I also got a reduced fat turkey bacon breakfast sandwich to counteract the sugar and caffeine.

One of last year's second period students came by right before second period to wish me a happy birthday.  She remembered!  My second period class sang to me, as did my 5th period class (that was a shocker!).  Amanda stopped by at lunch and brought me FOUR Sprinkles cupcakes!!

Mat and I went to the Homecoming game that night.  Now I only have 3 more (out of 4 total, haha) student events to attend this year.  Chipotle for dinner rounded out the night.

Mat is taking me to Solvang next weekend as my birthday present.  :-D

I ran 10.21 miles yesterday.  That's only 6 days after the half marathon.  Not bad if I do say so myself!  Then that afternoon Grandmother and Auntie Kristin came over for cake and presents.  Altogether I got several things off our wedding registry which is awesome.  After cake and presents Mat and I saw Footloose and had Corner Bakery for dinner.

Today was church and then a massage and facial.  I was supposed to (I thought) be able to cancel my membership after today, but it turns out I have to pay for ANOTHER month before I can cancel AND I have to sign a form to do it.  When I told them I had to cancel no one said anything about a form.  I was annoyed.  But I'm trying not to think about it.

I decided to buy OS X Lion.  I can use iCloud if I have it on my MacBook and plus I figure for $30 it's not a bad idea to update to the latest operating system.

And now it's already Sunday night, my least favorite time of the week.  That certainly doesn't help my general frustration lately.

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