Sunday, November 6, 2011

More Wedding Stuff

Ever since going shopping for bridesmaid dresses last Sunday, my brain has been consumed (even more than usual) by wedding things.

Friday night I found the perfect wedding favors online.  Today I ordered them.

Yesterday we went bridesmaid dress shopping for Mindy's wedding.  I love love love the dress she chose.  It's flowy and romantic and oh so comfy to wear.  And, we got a discount!  Yippee!

We ordered a couple of other things yesterday.  Like our guestbook.

I started working on the table names.  I still need to find pretty frames for them.

This weekend is Nicole's bridal shower and next weekend is her bachelorette.  And, there are some vacations coming up too: this Friday is Veteran's Day and then the week of the 21st I'm off for Thanksgiving.  Thank couldn't come any sooner!  I'm super pooped!!

In other news: last night I slept a lot due to the glorious time change.  I woke up and just laid in bed with no real reason to get up.  I don't remember the last time I did that.  Once I pulled my butt out of bed and showered, I did basically all of BTSA Module A.  All that's left is to print some things and make copies of things and then put it all together.  Module A is due December 9th.  Go me!

(Note: BTSA Year 2 is much easier than Year 1 because all of the questions are the same as last year...)

Aaaaand, now it's Sunday night and it's raining again.  I hope it isn't raining in the morning because I plan to run regardless.  Running in the dark and rain, while doable, isn't quite as enjoyable, to say the least.


  1. Good for you on your productivity!

    I liked BTSA year 2. You're right. Much easier. And you're at the same school site/district as last year, right? So can you reuse things like the map and stuff?

  2. Yes, same school and everything. There's an abbreviated checklist we can use for it. And, since all the questions are the same, it's REALLY easy this time around. :)