Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sun and Sand and...Pointe Shoes?

Yes.  Sun and sand and pointe shoes.  Mindy and I did a photoshoot for the 2011 Nouveau Chamber Ballet calendar today.  The theme for this calendar is sports, and we were beach volleyball players.  Actually, we were beach volleyball players wearing leotards and bike shorts and pointe shoes and we took the pictures at a park.  But there really wasn't any difference between us and real beach volleyball players.  :)

The shoot was fun.  I do believe we burst out laughing after every shot.  It was nice to do it together because we work so well together and play off each other.  I think we got some good ones.  Theresa and Christine both liked them. Hopefully I'm not too critical of myself once I see them.

I also got sunburned.  I suppose that's appropriate though given the sport we were portraying.

It was also very interesting to be balancing on pointe on a small piece of plywood buried in the sand.

In work-related news, I graded Algebra 2's first formal quiz this weekend.

Yes.  I was discouraged.  I reworked the calendar so that we can spend a couple of days reviewing.  It's very much needed.  It's needed in Geometry also, so I reworked that calendar too.  I thought I was getting through to the Alg 2 kids more than I obviously did.  It's frustrating, and discouraging.  I so badly want them to get it and to like it.  But, it's only been two weeks.  Actually, only 9 days.  I need to give it time and keep at it.

Show on Saturday!

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