Sunday, September 26, 2010

It Must Be a Sunday Thing

Clearly, I have issues updating this during the week.  Hmm, I wonder why.  I always hope to have Sunday be a day for me, but for the last two Sundays this has not been the case.  I have decided that it's much easier to resign myself to the fact that the next nine months or so will be sort of like being in college again.  Between lesson planning and BTSA and the extra meetings that are required of us, I will not have much time for anything else.  Fortunately, my online Masters is going to be finished in about a month.  This will be a weight off my shoulders as well as a raise in pay.  Of course, then I have the pleasure of continuing to pay off the loan, but at least the annoying work will be finished.  Knowing that this is the last month of it is truly what keeps me going.

I am being observed by our principal on Tuesday, and naturally I just now realized that I wanted to include a couple of other things in my lesson plan that I'm giving her tomorrow.  So much for being in bed at 9.

However, I'm almost there.  As soon as I finish here and I staple the stuff together, I can get in bed.

I would like this to be a week of not eating as much junk food.  Perhaps if I sleep more that will be easier to accomplish.  I've been going a little crazy with the sugar lately, and I do not want this to backfire on me.  Feeling icky is not a stress that I need to add to my life.  Anyone and everyone who knows me knows that I have enough stress and things to worry about.

I am looking forward to a normal week.  Normal, of course, does not mean super easy, but at least it is simply work and ballet (with no rehearsal!) and then home to do more work for BTSA or my online class or something.  The only thing added to this week is tutoring, but since this makes me some extra money I can't complain too much.

I would love to wake up tomorrow, and every morning this week, and not have a feeling of dread.  I think the solution, or at least one solution, to all of these problems is sleep.

And with that, I think I will head toward bed.  It is calling my name....

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