Monday, October 4, 2010

Such a lovely Saturday!

Ok, so yesterday was Sunday, not Saturday, and today is basically over, but Saturday was pretty darn nice.  It was a girls day with just Mindy and I.  After ballet we went to her house, then went and got pumpkin spice lattes and shared a pumpkin cream cheese muffin.  Then it was massage time, and naturally I got sucked into joining Massage Envy.  However, I think it will be very good for me to actually get a massage on a regular basis.  After that, dinner at Macaroni Grill followed by making chocolate bread pudding at her house and watching When Harry Met Sally.  I have never been to Macaroni Grill and have never seen that movie, so it was a day of firsts for me!

It was such a lovely, relaxing time.  We really need to do stuff like that more often.

Sunday was filled with church, lunch for Grandma's birthday, working on online homework, and then dinner with Mat.  Lunch was depressing because Grandma has gotten really sick.  It's sad.  I basically did a double take when I saw her.

Today I triumphed over a certain class period! That's all I'm going to say about that, for good reasons.

I've been trying to work on BTSA a little tonight, and I've basically come to the conclusion that it is not all that hard, just annoying time-consuming.  I think that once my online class is finished this month, I will just devote a couple of Sundays to BTSA and be done with it.  Since it isn't due until December 10th, I can easily finish it if I work a little here and there for the next three weeks and then more starting at the end of this month.  I'd rather just do it all now, but it just isn't going to happen with this online class still going.  Especially not with, you know, working.  Now I just need to get going on the Early Completion Option Application so I can do all the BTSA crap, sorry, I mean, one year instead of two.

I want to watch Friends.

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