Thursday, July 22, 2010


Yesterday was one of those days.  I was perhaps the most stressed I've ever been.  Well, that's not exactly true.  One day every year, at this exact same time of the year, I'm this stressed out.  Without going into too many details, it has to do with medical tests and things.  Not my own, but someone very very close to me.  There's never any legitimate reason to worry, but because of some doctors with not very nice bedside manner, my family and I are very very nervous and anxious every year.  Everything ended up fine just like it always does, but getting to that point was horrible.

Add to that the horribly long and boring Church Council meeting of the night before in which I truly wanted to scream, and you had a pretty grouchy Melissa.  Not good.  I still don't know what I'm going to do about Church Council - if I want to quit or not.  I will figure that one out later.

The good news of yesterday was that I finally signed my job contract!  And, my salary is $600 more than I anticipated based on last year's salary schedule.  I assumed the salaries were either going to go down from last year or stay the same, but it appears to have gone up a bit!  Then, once I finish my Masters in October, it will go up again.  Very exciting!

And on the job note, the assistant principal called me today asking if I could go down to meet with him tomorrow at 2.  I should also get to meet the math department chair.  I'm hoping I'll be able to find out what I'm teaching also.  It would be great to get a textbook, but we'll see.

Steph and I are finally going on our vacation.  This has been in the works since my birthday last October when she gave me a trip as a present.  It turned out to be more expensive than she/we wanted, so I'm going to help pay and it will now be birthday and Christmas presents for both of us for this year also.  We're staying at the Marriott in La Jolla.  We wanted Santa Barbara, but it was either too expensive or totally booked.  It will be fun no matter what though.  We're pretty entertaining people.  I anticipate laughing more than I've ever laughed before in a single weekend.  And I'm missing more ballet and rehearsal.  Oh well, too bad!

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