Thursday, July 29, 2010


I just ran to Costco to get shampoo.  With my sister home for the summer I swear we go through it more than twice as fast as when it's just me.  In any case, we were basically out and I had a coupon so off I went.

The refreshing part comes when I was standing in the shortest line I could find.  As anyone who frequents Costco knows, the lines are horrendous.  It doesn't seem to matter what day or time of day you go.  The woman in front of me had quite a cart full of stuff and when she saw that I only had two things, she let me go in front and said that she knows how it is to wait when you only have a couple things to get.

It was such a simple gesture, and I'm sure everyone experiences it at one point or another, but when there are so many rude people out there - on the road, in a restaurant - it's really quite lovely when you run into a kind soul once and a while.

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