Friday, July 22, 2011

A DJ and a Photo Shoot

Today I called the DJ we met with about a week and a half ago to say that yes, we did want to hire him.  Now I just need to print and sign the contract and send in a deposit!

Tonight we had our engagement photo shoot down at Corona Del Mar.  It was so fun!  Our photographers are awesome and came up with really creative poses.  And, of course, we're super cute and photogenic too.  :)

I can't wait for our pictures to be ready!

I still have no idea which dress I want.  Or if I should look again.  AHHH...

One of these days I should blog about food like I've been meaning to do.


  1. Don't worry about blogging food. Weddings are way more interesting and unique. :)

    And, I think you should definitely look again while you decide on your dress.

  2. Everyday I plan to blog about my food and then I either eat it before I take a picture or am too lazy to upload my pictures !!