Sunday, July 17, 2011

Whale Watching, or Seeing Dolphins as it Turned Out

Yesterday, down in Newport Beach, Mat and I went whale watching.  This was his birthday gift from me (his 26th birthday was on Friday) and he was SOOO excited.  Like little kid excited.  We got down there early because of parking issues and such, and he seriously was like a 5 year old.  It was funny and adorable.

We didn't get to see any big whales, but we saw quite a few common dolphins (that are actually considered whales) on the way back into the harbor.  They were swimming right by the boat and jumping out of the water and everything!  It was amazing.  These dolphins can only be seen in the wild - the ones at Sea World are different.

After our whale watching excursion, we treked 2.5 miles over to Lido Village to Le Bistro Mediterranean, a little restaurant I found on  It was quite lovely - a quiet, calm atmosphere overlooking the marina.  A little expensive, but a gift certificate helped, and even then it wouldn't have mattered because the food was delicious.  I highly recommend it.

Anxious to get on the boat!
Only 30 minutes to go!

Practicing with the binoculars.

Enjoying the ride.

Aren't we cute?? :)

I think you can see a dolphin in there somewhere.


Bottom right corner: dolphin!

This one, like many of them, was swimming right by our boat!

People in Newport are rich.


Mmmm, pasta!

Rounding out the meal and the day with the best chocolate souffle in Newport Beach.

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