Thursday, February 23, 2012


March is a long haul when you're a teacher.  You just had a lovely winter break, and easy January because of a Monday holiday and finals, and an easy February because it's shorter and has two Monday holidays.  But March?  March kind of sucks.  Our spring break is the first week of April, which means we have 5 full weeks (after tomorrow) until that blessed week off.  I've already been quite tired lately, probably from all the running and the fact that nearly every weekend since the school year started has been busy with something on at least one of the days.  And that trend will continue until our wedding.  It's good stuff, but being tired isn't so fun.  It's not just physical tiredness, but also emotional.

Despite being tired, I want to take a ballet class.  There's a studio around the corner that I went to several years ago while living at UCI the summer between my 3rd and 4th years.  I've been itching to dance lately, but I think I need a place that doesn't have a ton of emotional baggage attached to it.  That and I need a place that's close by.  Around the corner is perfect!  :)  Hopefully the energy lasts and I can make it to a class sometime next week.

Tomorrow is Friday.  Saturday brings with it a 16 mile run followed by 2 cake tastings.  :)

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