Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Next Few Weekends :)

"Few" should really say "several."  Here's what's going on in my life:

This weekend: Surf City Half Marathon on Sunday (then watch the super bowl with the sister and eat a lot)

Next weekend: coffee date with Mindy, hair appointment, and out for Valentine's dinner on Saturday

2/18: Second meeting with our pastor

2/25: Cake tasting at 2 places! (2/26: watch the Academy Awards!)

3/3: Menu tasting and discussing reception details at Summit House!

3/10: Alterations appointment #1 (my dress, bridesmaid dress for Mindy's wedding, Amanda's MOH dress)

3/17: free for now, maybe some St. Paddy's day fun :)

3/24: free for now

There's more after that, but this is just the next 6-7 weeks or so!  It's crazy!  But, it's so. nice. to be finally DOING wedding things.  I feel much more productive and accomplished just having scheduled all these things.  It definitely helps the weeks to go by faster and gives me things to look forward to during the long work week.  It is challenging to keep up my energy, especially since I'm still getting up to run before work (later than when I lived at home thankfully) as well as on Saturday.  Since I'm training for a full marathon in May, the Saturday long runs are taking more time which proves difficult since there are things to do on Saturdays, but most things are in the afternoon.  The menu tasting will be earlier, but that's ok.

I swear, I just ate a couple of hours ago and yet I'm hungry again.  Granted, that was the first meal I ate all day after my longer than usual walk.

Tonight will be an early night - getting up early for the race tomorrow!

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