Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quite a Lovely Day :)

Today began at 6 am.  When the alarm went off I wasn't too happy - it was the 7th straight day of getting up at 6 or (usually) earlier.  I eventually got myself out of bed and set out for my long run.  I had redone my 14 mile route so that the extra loop (around the apartment) was at the beginning.  That way, no matter how tired or sore you get, you can't cut the run short.  It somehow ended up being more like 15 miles, but I was cool with that.  At least I was last night.  Waking up at 6 am on a Saturday can make you change your tune.

But, I got up at out and was running by 6:40 or so, after having a spoonful of peanut butter and a handful of chocolate chips.  My knee lasted pretty well.  It just got a little stiff, but a large part of that was just the general fatigue I was feeling in my legs by the last 2-3 miles or so.  By the time I got home I was very tired, but felt SO awesome and accomplished that I had done it.  I ran 15 miles!

I had a couple of hours to rest up, shower, and eat before heading up to Fullerton for coffee with Mindy and a hair appointment.  It was lovely to see Mindy again and catch up, and getting my hair done is always fun.  So is catching up with Lauren.  I also met the girl who is going to help out with hair and makeup for the wedding.

After I got home, I got my Valentine's Day gift from Mat.  Pink roses, Godiva chocolate, and the perfect card.  :)

I gave him wine, chocolate, and a nice card.  :)

We then went to a restaurant in Laguna Beach called Romeo Cucina.  It.  was.  yummy.  We shared an appetizer that had melon with prosciutto and tomato slices with buffalo mozzarella and basil.  The bread basket was also delicious.  Because I'm a pig, I also ordered a caesar salad but was kind enough to share it with Mat.  :)

My entree was this delicious pasta - orechiette with sun dried tomatoes, asparagus, eggplant, zucchini, and yellow squash in a pink sauce.  It was supposed to have mushrooms, but I'm just not a fan of those.  I also added chicken.

The meal wasn't complete without a glass of wine.  Pinot grigio for me, chardonnay for Mat.  He had ordered chicken picatta.  It came with angel hair pasta that had a light tomato sauce.

We came home for dessert.

Tonight has been some news watching and Pinterest browsing.  It's about time for bed though - getting up for church in the morning.  Thank goodness it's a 3 day weekend - one of the perks of working in a public school!

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