Friday, August 5, 2011

At Least this Time I was MIA for a Reason

Sort of.

I looked at when I last posted, and it was July 26th.  That's pretty pathetic.  However, in my defense, I was at my little sis Alex's wedding on Saturday the 30th and then was in San Diego for a conference Sunday the 31st until last night.  So there. :-P

The conference was actually pretty useful.  Those things are sometimes stupid and don't really give you much you can actually use.  Or they're really long and boring and held in windowless rooms that are way overly air conditioned and leave you cranky and with a massive headache.  This one was still long and sort of boring and was held in windowless rooms that were way overly air conditioned.  However, I finally GET how to use Cornell notes, writing, and reading skills in a math classroom.  I also feel more ok with the school year starting.  I'm not thrilled to be losing my lazy days of summer, but I'm more confident in what I'm going to do this year and how I'm going to do it.

Plus, once the school year starts I know it will go fast and the faster it goes the sooner I move out of my parents' house and closer to work and the sooner I get MARRIED!

Speaking of getting married, I was going to come up with table names this summer (we're naming the reception tables rather than using numbers) and I haven't done it.  Maybe I'll start that today.

I'm still debating the idea of hosting my blog somewhere else, giving it a new name, and giving it a new sort of "theme."  The jury's still out.

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