Sunday, August 7, 2011

Heck Yes 5 Miles!

Yes.  I ran 5 miles today.

I was nervous about it for a couple of reasons.  1) I've never done that before  2) My hip has been bothering me.  However, I ran the whole thing.  Halfway through my lower right calf (same leg as the hip) started seizing up and getting tight, but I kept going anyway.  I'm sort of bad like that - I'll push myself to the death and back.  It's really bad when I have a cold and will continue working out and living life like normal including going to work because goodness knows a substitute when not absolutely necessary will just screw up your class even more.

But yeah.  5 miles.  Followed by a nice breakfast of iced coffee with sugar free hazelnut and nonfat milk, bread and peanut butter, and a banana.  Mmmm.

I snagged a cookie after church, because I wanted to. :)

A couple slices each of ham and cheddar cheese this afternoon before running to Costco and partaking of the free samples, and a few strawberries and a bite of ice cream when I got home.

Sundays tend to be snacky, can you tell?

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