Sunday, August 21, 2011

Save the Date

I just clicked "Place Order" for our save the date postcards.  And for our thank you notes.  We had a coupon to save $20 on an order of $99 or more, so we went ahead and got both at once.  I'M SO EXCITED!!  The save the dates I finally decided on are super cute and playful.  Our invitation will be much more formal, but I like doing something more fun and cutesy for this.  That's kind of the whole deal with our wedding - it will be formal and traditional, church ceremony, somewhat fancy reception venue, but there will be touches of fun.  White daisies, different shoes and hair for the bridesmaids, stuff like that.

The front looks like this:


Ahhhh I LOVE this.  It helps me to feel better in the midst of all the crap that's on my mind.

Tomorrow is an early morning run.  Hopefully it's uneventful.

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  1. SO CUTE AND FUN! I love it. Sorry I asked about it on FB. I should've checked here first.