Thursday, August 18, 2011

Running in the Sun after Work = Death

I originally was going to shift my runs from morning to afternoon once I went back to work.  That all sounds fine and good until you realize that, oh yeah, August and September and October and November and even December in Southern California do not have happy breezy afternoons.

They have death afternoons.  Blazing sun.  In your eyes.  Little/no breeze.

Not cool.  (Yes I realize the double meaning behind that little sentence there).

Don't forget that after you've been at work all day you're more tired.  Today and yesterday weren't even school days yet.  I don't even want to think about how much more tired I'll be once the kiddos arrive.  On Wednesday.

Solution: Run in the morning.  I've officially decided that I would rather make myself go to bed at a decent hour like I should be doing anyway and just running in the morning.  It's cool, quiet, and I'm more awake.  I found that running in the afternoon, besides it being hot, is not pleasant because I've eaten that day and it makes me feel sluggish.  It doesn't really make sense, I know, because I always wait a bit after I eat, but I just do better on an empty stomach or just a little orange juice for some natural sugar a few minutes before I go.

To keep it safe while running at 5 am: alter my routes so I'm in primarily residential areas.  I also just bought an awesome Spibelt off Amazon.  I learned about these from this blog and decided it was amazing and that since I'm coming into extra money this year from the school day being extended (hello extra 4 grand at least from last year) I could afford to spend 20 bucks.  And safety has no price tag, right?

I swear I'm almost done...
Yes, we're getting paid extra for the extra half hour being added to each day.  This is in addition to the extra we are already paid for meetings and other work outside the regular contracted school day as well as in addition to the $1000 bonus that we get in June for having attended extra meetings and done extra work.  Yes, we get double paid for that stuff.  It's awesome.  I see furniture and a fabulous honeymoon and a chunk of a house down payment in our future.


  1. Melissa!!!! Say it isn't so..... I need SoCal to be super pleasant to run in ALL the time! hahaha! I have been struggling with the humidity here and was looking forward to breezy, dry, SoCal weather!

  2. Well it's probably not as humid as where you are, but last week it was HOT. The heat just wipes you. I'd rather just get up at (before) the crack of dawn - much more pleasant and then it's done. Plus, it energizes you for work! And being around high schoolers means you need all the energy you can get!