Sunday, August 29, 2010

Endings and Beginnings

Something has ended and something is beginning.

Friends has ended.  Yes, that's right.  I finally watched the final episode of Season 10.  And I must say that while I am very disappointed to not have anymore new episodes to look forward to, it was a wonderful final episode.

And it seems fitting to have ended this lovely television series on the eve of the new school year beginning.  Yes, that's right.  Tomorrow is the first day of school.  Am I scared?  A little.  But not so much in the oh my goodness I'll have real students tomorrow kind of way.  More in the oh my goodness I have so much to do this week and for the next 10 months and am I going to be able to impart all of my infinite wisdom on them in the best way possible kind of way.

At orientation yesterday it finally hit me just how important my job is.  I've always known how important teachers are for kids, but yesterday it actually became REAL.  It's no small task.  No pressure at all!  Thankfully my district is very supportive and has provided us with a lot of tools and resources to do the best job we can.  The hard part is figuring out how to incorporate all of them.  It's overwhelming!  I spent a large chunk of today trying to organize myself and I feel like I got nowhere.  Add to that my online classes I'm finishing up this month (meaning September) and in October, and the show which is in 3 weeks, and then BTSA will start, and I'm not scared at all!  Again, please note my sarcasm.

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited.  Very excited, actually.  I should have some great kids.  There is just so much unknown and while that's not a bad thing by any means in this situation, it's still scary.  I'm a control freak and very much a Type A personality so unknown tends to freak me out.  While I've gotten much better at handling such things in the last few years, (MUCH better), it's still a lot to think about.

One day at a time though, right?  I can do that.  Aim for one new "Active Teaching" strategy per week and take things one at a time.  Use my prep period wisely as well as my after school time.  I can do this!

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