Thursday, August 19, 2010

Socialization Can Be Tiring

Yesterday I had some lovely catch-up time with Kelly.  Today I had some lovely catch-up time with Arielle.  Both of these women I have not seen in nearly a year, and it was high time to chat over delicious Mexican food, Golden Spoon, and Starbucks.  I love hearing about what's going on in their lives and I love how we all are doing such amazing things since finishing college.  We all are truly blessed, both individually and as a whole.  I am blessed to know such amazing people.

However, I'm now quite tired!  Between thinking (read: worrying more than I should be) about my new job, dealing with rehearsals that are seemingly (literally) never-ending, and having at least some sort of social life, I'm tired.  The school year hasn't even started yet.  This is not exactly a good sign.

My aunt and uncle are flying in from New York tomorrow which necessitates a family dinner at my grandmother's house.  I have New Hire Orientation all day Saturday, and am possibly/probably having dinner with Mindy, another very dear friend.  These are all very good things (minus the all day orientation of course), but they're tiring.  My current goal is to have Monday and Tuesday of next week for myself except for having rehearsal in the afternoon.  Starting Wednesday I will need to hit the ground running.  We have staff development Wednesday-Friday, I have my second (and thankfully final) New Hire Orientation on Saturday, then one day off, then Monday the 30th is the first day of school.  It's a full 5 day week which is not common for the first week, so it will be quite long.  Labor Day weekend already cannot come soon enough!

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