Monday, September 12, 2011

Almost the Middle of September

In 3 short days it will be the middle of September.  Some might ask, "Oh my goodness where did the time go?"  And while I do agree with that statement to a certain extent, I also wish for the months to go much, much faster.

Saturday's 8 mile run went excellently.  (That's a word, right?)  Then Mat and I used our Groupon from about 6 months ago to go ice skating (see when you talk about Groupons that are about to expire after 6 months the time seems to go fast).  That was followed by a trip to the mall to try and look at tiaras for the wedding (fail - Nordstrom did not yet have the one I really wanted to see) and then to Total Wine for the 10 cent wine tasting (score!) and then to BJ's for the "Party for 2" - 2 soups or salads, a medium pizza with anything on it, and a pizookie to share - all for $20.  (major score!)

Yesterday Mat randomly had the day off, which was excellent, so after church and finishing the night before's pizza for breakfast, we headed to "proposal park."  I've dubbed Craig Park in Brea by that name because, as the name suggests, it's where he proposed back on February 5th.  :)

I finished my grading, we ate, and read.  I even dozed a little bit on the blanket using his back for a pillow.  It was lovely.

Today we had a minimum day so that we could have staff development.  Staff development is always super exciting (note: sarcasm) but it's nice to have a shorter day with kids.  The additional 30 minutes that were added to the school day really wipe you out.  You wouldn't think it would, but 5 minutes added to every class period really makes a difference.

In 27 (almost 26 now) days away from the half marathon!  Training is going well!  Go me!

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