Thursday, September 15, 2011


This weekend has a few things going on, but it's good because I'm trying to stay busy.  I do hope for some relaxation too though because this has been a rather long week.  The kids in 4th and 5th period were rowdy yesterday but apparently I put the fear of God in them because today they were both much better.

On a random note: I really need to cut my fingernails.  I'm a weird girl - if my nails start to get even a little long, I get really bugged.  I don't have great nails, so they basically need to stay short.  I think I'll be getting acrylics for my wedding because my real ones are just ugly.

The fall sports assembly was today, and Amanda's song pom girls performed.  At the second assembly, the one I went to, they did really well.  I was proud, and I'm not even the coach!  I just hope her paperwork goes through so she can get a paycheck - she's owed a ton of money right now!

I really want Starbucks tomorrow morning but I don't know that I can justify spending any money.  I need a paycheck too!

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