Monday, September 5, 2011

The Long Weekend

Saturday was a fairly normal day.  I successfully completed my first 7 mile run, which was amazing.  I felt energized and like I could conquer the world.  I need to remember this motivated feeling when I have to wake up super early for runs these next few weeks.

Saturday afternoon was a wander around the mall kind of day, but between that and the run I had graded some quizzes.  I think this year is going to be heavier on the at-home grading.  Oh well.  Dinner was almost free at Ruby's Diner - we used the rest of the gift cards we had gotten last Christmas.  Yes, I know it's pathetic.

Part of the mall wandering included going to Sears to look at mattresses because they were having a massive sale.  We got some good information.

Sunday morning = church.  The sermon was especially relevant to the things that have been going on lately, which was both creepy (I had the urge to look up and say "not funny!" :) ) but also very comforting.  Then that afternoon we went over to Sit n Sleep to look at their mattresses, and we walked away with more very good information.  We had a family bbq later in the afternoon.

Today I did a 4.5 mile run that was not the most fun thing ever because I felt rather sluggish.  But I got through it and I'm proud of myself.  Then I had coffee with my future sister in-law, and it was a nice chat.  We needed it.  I then went home and finished grading quizzes and entered in a massive amount of scores.  After Mat finished his lifting class we went back over to Sit n Sleep and actually purchased our mattress!  We don't need it quite yet, but after having gone to a couple stores and asking questions, we determined that this was probably going to be the best opportunity to get it at the best price.  The next time there will be a good sale will be Thanksgiving, and there's no guarantee that the mattress we want/need will be marked down as low as it was this time.  Since Mat's parents are going to let us store it in the spare bedroom for a while, and then since his brother is going to get a storage unit while he moves home for a few months and we can share the unit with him, our mattress will have a home until it moves to its real home in a few months.  Either way, it's one more thing that we can cross off the massive list of things.

I continue to be frustrated with my living situation.  I feel very trapped.  I intend to just keep to myself and not talk so that I don't risk getting into stupid arguments, but that is not easy to do.  It also seems that my mom is feeling left out of the wedding plans (I do NOT know why on earth she would feel that way...) so I really can't stay super closed off.  There's more to it than that, but the jist of it is that I feel I am in a lose-lose situation and the only thing I can do is try to keep my mouth shut on things non-wedding and try to preserve my sanity by focusing on my job, running, and my little wedding projects.  

The other thing I deal with is my mom's dislike of us moving in together before the wedding, which we aren't really going to do anyway.  I think that she fears that if Mat transfers to an Irvine store before June/July, we'll end up spending every day/night together in our place in Irvine.  I have two responses to this: a) it really isn't her business - she may be providing us with an amazing wedding but what we do with our lives is up to us and b) I've already made it very clear to her that we ourselves do not want to be completely living together beforehand anyway, so if he does end up transferring early (and he would only do that if it ends up being the best option, not just so he can be in Irvine) we will still be back here some of the time too.

I fear I am letting her control my life.  I have already stood up to her, but I hate arguing and want to avoid it at all costs.  I will be out soon enough, yes, but it feels like an eternity.

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