Monday, September 19, 2011

Country Music

My iPod Shuffle was set to the country mix during my 5-mile run this morning.

While driving to work, I flip-flopped between the two main country stations: 95.1 and 105.1.  As I was driving and shamelessly not singing along with some of my favorite songs, I realized that country music makes me happy.

It really does.  I've been into country for about 3.5 years, ever since Mat and I first started dating actually.  That may very well be part of why I love it so much - whenever I hear a good country song my mind probably goes back to that time when the relationship was new and I just KNEW that I was going to marry that guy one day.

But anyway, country music makes me happy.  I wasn't in the greatest of moods this morning, mainly just because it was Monday and I hadn't gotten to bed as early as I wanted last night.  I also wasn't really looking forward to the work day because I was nervous about the activity I had planned.  But then, singing along with my favorite songs, my mood just shifted.  Yeah, it was still Monday.  Yeah, I still had the day's activity in the back of my mind.  Yeah, I was looking ahead to Wednesday night (Back to School Night which means being at school from 7 am til 8 pm) and wasn't too thrilled.  But the country music brightened my mood.

That's why there WILL be good country music at our wedding.

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