Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!

As usual, I'm thrilled that tomorrow is Friday.  It's been a pretty crazy few weeks (and weekends for that matter) and it will continue to be this way, but it's sure making the time fly!

Our wedding is 9 months from today.  :)  It still feels like forever, but 9 months isn't all that long anymore.  I think.  At least that's what I keep telling myself.

Today I got paid for the first time since June.  Thank God for that.  Of course, after paying the credit card bill which was not exactly small, I don't have much left for the month of October, but this is how I've been living since February, so oh well.  Lots of expenses and things to save for right now.  I can't wait to be married and have things settle down a little in terms of money.  We're saving to buy furniture and go on a honeymoon and buy a house eventually, so at least after we get married the furniture and honeymoon expense will be gone.

However, I don't want to think about the honeymoon being over because that's just sad.  The nice thing about still having 9 months to go is that I can keep looking forward to all the good stuff we have going on.  :)

I still CANNOT WAIT to move though.  That will never change.  4 months-ish.  Not that I'm counting down to that too, or anything...

I should take advantage of not having to be doing something tonight and go to bed early.  That's the smart thing to do.

Half-marathon: 9 days.  My birthday: 14 days.  Vegas for the sister's 21st: 77 days.  Wedding: 273 days!


  1. I feel strange seeing that your wedding is 9 months away! Mine is just a little less than that. 266 days, I just found a ticker. haha Too bad I can't figure out how to post it.

    I thought you guys were worried about living together before you were married. Did that change? Or did you just say "to heck with it"?

  2. Well we're sort of "compromising" on it. I'll live in our apartment during the week for sure because of work, and on weekends I'll be gradually moving the contents of my room out (oy). He'll be there too, not necessarily every day every week though. It depends also on when he transfers to a Trader Joes down there.

    What's your date?

  3. oh ok. I see. June 24, 2012. I like the mathy-ness of it. 6-24-12. :) I'm thinking ceremony maybe at 3? So I get: 3 doubles to 6 doubles to 12 doubles to 24. Nice. haha