Saturday, September 3, 2011

This Week

This week was long and jam-packed, which is why I haven't touched the blog in a while.  Let's see...

Monday: Pretty normal.  My parents went to pick up their new Mac and were gone the entire evening so Mat and I had a few hours just us.  It was lovely.

Tuesday: I had a doctor appointment after work.  The woman doctor. You know, THAT appointment.  I was then supposed to meet my former roomie Jenn for Golden Spoon and much needed catch-up, but traffic reared its ugly head and she couldn't get here in time so we rescheduled for Thursday.

Wednesday: Mat and I went to an open house/vendor appreciation at The Summit House.  We were mainly going for the free food, and holy crap was that a good idea.  They had tons of amazingly delicious things as well as free champagne, wine, beer, etc.  It was awesome.

Thursday: Follow up appointment with my dermatologist after work, and then meeting Jenn for Golden Spoon.  The dermatologist is in Pico Rivera, and I work in Santa Ana, so after having driven 20 miles to get to work in the morning, I drove from Santa Ana to Pico Rivera, then back to Whittier where we were meeting, then to get gas at Costco, and finally home.  This was around the time that I realized I have virtually no spending money until I get paid at the end of the month.  Good times.

Friday: Oh glorious Friday.  I gave quizzes in all classes which gave me a few minutes of quiet in each class but resulted in a shit ton - yes, a shit ton - of grading for this weekend.  More good times.

The evening was ok.  Not exactly what I wanted for a Friday night, but a lot of stuff is going on right now.

Today: I RAN 7 MILES!!  Yes, 7 miles!!  And I didn't really even get that tired.  I got up at 7:15 so it wouldn't be too hot, and of course the sun was already out (stupid sun) but the air was much much cooler than last Saturday so the sun didn't bother me at all.  I also was a good little girl and didn't exercise at all on Thursday (just like I'm supposed to according to my training plan) and I just took a 2 mile walk yesterday morning.  Mat and I didn't do our usual evening walk last night due to the stuff that is going on, but it was probably for the best because my run was awesome.

I officially signed up for the half-marathon in Long Beach a couple days ago.  No turning back now!

Here's to hoping for a good weekend (despite the shit ton of grading - I should probably get on that) and the end to some stuff.

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  1. Congrats on 7 miles! I did 6 today :) my farthest so far. I am in Columbus OH for the weekend visiting friends on our drive back to CA. I went to his half marathon training group and ran with a pace group for the first time! It was really helpful to run with a group of people who all kept the same pace since it really motivated you and didn't make you feel slow at all :) I think I might look up a running group in OC when I get back