Friday, September 9, 2011

Tomorrow and Things

Tomorrow morning I am tackling an 8 mile run.  I'm excited.

Wednesday I went to ballet for the first time in nearly a month.  My calves are now paying for it.  I hope that my 8 mile run tomorrow is not hampered by this.

Tonight we made spaghetti squash with marinara sauce and vegetarian meatballs for dinner.  And we had bread.  And wine.  Mmm.
Spaghetti squash with marinara and veggie meatballs (and parmesan cheese).



As we all know, the 10 year anniversary of September 11th is on Sunday.  There are specials on TV all the time now.  It takes me back to that day.  I may have only been 15 but I remember the feeling that I wasn't safe anymore - that the world wasn't safe anymore.  It's very frightening.

What I also remember from that day and from seeing TV specials is the feeling of unity as Americans pulled together.  I'm not generally a big nationalist or anything, but you can't deny the shared feeling and spirit of hope that this country had in the aftermath of such a horrible thing.

We are down to 293 days now.  It's far less than when we started but it still feels like an eternity.

Once again I have a lot of grading to do this weekend.  And it's not a 3 day weekend this time.

Tomorrow afternoon we're going ice skating.  Yes, in September.  Groupon is cool.

I'm reading The Help right now.  It's a good book.  Time to get back to it and get some sleep so I can do that run tomorrow.  Good night!

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